Hope to the Suffering

Who put the light behind the rainbow
What carries the wind in from the sea
Who gave us a hill to climb
And a fire to burn
An a wheel to turn
And a sun that shines
In the harvest time

Why do we reach out for the horizon
And who put the love inside desire
Why does the heart still yearn
For the one it loves
Will it always turn
To the home it knows
Where the nature flows

And you give hope
Hope to the suffering
And you give heart
Heart to the hungry and cold
And you are
Right here whenever we call your name
You give us peace
Peace comes with honesty
You give us light
Light shines to banish the fear
So we can
Reach out and Jesus is always there

Whenever the final war is over
Whenever that last frontier's been crossed
What was the journey for
If the spirit died
And the hope was lost
Reach inside the soul
For the deeper goal